Our Quick Set Vinyl Letters have become very popular for storage warehouses and medical buildings and records. Widely used by utility companies to identify boxes, our QuickSet Lettering reflective number sheets and non-reflective number and letter sheets are self-adhesive and come on convenient sheets ready to apply. Made here in the USA with Bright Line (non-reflective) material with Over Laminate to protect against UV, abrasion, and chemicals. Our super durable Heavy Duty stick on letters and Numbers are completely weather proof, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Available in 8 different sizes and 12 different color combinations. We have also started offering custom sheets, made to order at QuickSet Quick Quote Form.


After months of designing and testing to determine the best materials for manufacturing our QuickSet Lettering sheets, we started selling these in July 2015. Since then we’ve had over 2700 orders without a single return due to defective or quality issues. Here are some examples of our product in use:




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Surface preparation for vinyl lettering and full color printed decals.

It is critical to prepare a surface no matter what it is- metal, wood, plastic, glass, aluminum, painted substrates, etc-if you are using self-adhesive vinyl lettering, you will need to prep the surface. Don’t ever assume a surface is clean; even freshly painted surfaces need prep. When there is a new car or truck right out of the showroom you would assume it was clean… but NO there is probably wax and/or rain-x, a product to help shed water from glass (widely used on glass on all vehicles) and metal that will need to be removed.

Vinyl letters and graphics will adhere to most painted wood, painted metal, glass, fiberglass and plastic surfaces. The surface must be smooth. Painted surfaces must be completely cured before applying vinyl. Surfaces painted with oil based enamels work best. Latex can work, however we don’t recommend it. Some latex paints simply do not work; letters will fall off just days after installation. If you do use latex paint, use a semi gloss or egg shell for interior installations for best results. For the best application on a painted surface use enamel based paint. Vinyl letters will not adhere to rough surfaces such as raw wood, chipped/peeling paint, cloth, rubber, or canvas.

Preparing Surfaces for vinyl letter installation.

1. Always assume surface is dirty.
2. Clean surface with mild detergent using paper or cloth towels , 409, Windex or something similar.
3. For the final cleaning, use denatured alcohol or equivalent, it will completely clean the surface and evaporate rapidly, leaving a perfect surface for vinyl letter installation and decals.

Freshly painted surfaces need time to cure completely before applying self-adhesive vinyl. Enamel based paint should cure for 7 days so that it is completely dry; applying too soon can cause the letters to become unstuck and fall off. ( the curing process)

Note: Denatured alcohol will remove wax.

WHAT YOU NEED: Paper towels, razor knife, scissors, squeegee (supplied with all orders), denatured alcohol, squirt bottle, detergent soap, and of course vinyl striping supplied by www.vinylstriping.com.


To begin we need to clean the application surface with denatured alcohol. This is the best way to remove any oil residue and wax, leaving a completely clean surface for vinyl application.

1. Saturate the surface with a soapy water solution (99.8% water and a couple of drops of detergent soap), and shake it up (to add a bit of slipperiness to the water).


2. Pull a foot or two of the vinyl striping away from the liner. Apply vinyl gently (get as straight and level as possible here). 


3.  Now saturate the front of the vinyl (if applying to drywall or similar surfaces apply dry) to help with squeegeeing down onto surface (it will prevent scratching and help with application). 


4. Start to squeegee the vinyl striping down; the water will squish out and the vinyl will adhere.


5. At this point work your way down the vehicle a few feet or longer at a time and repeat steps 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Perforated window signs have opened up a new world of promotional opportunities by turning glass doors and windows into prime advertising space. Perforated window signs are applied to the outside of your window. They work well for vehicles and store fronts. We sell this material for $5 a square foot on our website Perforatedwindowsigns.com. Perforated vinyl material looks great from the outside but is also almost invisible from the inside. Perforations in the material provide a clear view outward while maintaining the illusion of a full color graphic from the outside. This is a great alternative to hanging signs, vinyl decals, and static window signs when you do not want to obstruct anyone’s view from the inside of your business facing out, truly a unique and inexpensive way to promote your products and business.

Vinyl Lettering has been used for years on store front windows and walls. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Letters are the best and least expensive advertising a business can get. Letters can be made in any size and color and setup for the end user to apply in minutes, installation instructions here. Letters Unlimited Inc. has been selling vinyl since 1982. The use of our lettering on walls has increased 10 fold in the last few years. More and more customers are finding new ways to advertise indoors on interior walls. It’s easy to do and very effective in letting your customers know what you offer. We offer the lowest cost Vinyl lettering for windows and we offer a full staff of designers to help with your layout. Please visit us at Letters Unlimited Inc. for all the info you will need to place an order, or pick up the phone and call us at 800-422-4231 to speak directly with a sales associate.


Letters Unlimited Inc. prices our vinyl lettering by the letter in most cases. We offer the lowest prices for vinyl lettering, and have been doing so for over 30 years. Other websites that sell vinyl lettering use design stations so that you can design your own lettering. The design stations are nice if you are design savvy or just ordering one or two lines of copy, but our staff have been designing sign layouts for a long time and offer this service for free in most cases. We know what looks good and we do the work for you. All design station websites charge at least 40% more than we do, and you do the work. You are not buying a DVD or shoes, it is just not that simple. Letters Unlimited Inc. offers the lowest prices for vinyl lettering. We design your vinyl letter job and supply proofs, most of the time in the same day. We have considered a design station but prefer to speak with our customers and discuss their needs before even starting the quoting process. We also offer big discounts for large orders of vinyl lettering that are for fleets and the lowest prices for vinyl numbers. Free shipping on vinyl lettering orders over $150. We have the lowest prices for vinyl lettering and numbers because we specialize in a small group of products all associated with the sign industry and vinyl letter products. MSK.

Letters Unlimited Inc. have been selling Personalized Street Signs for over 7 years with exciting results. Christmas time seems to be great time to send a friend or family member a real custom street sign, with anything on it. When we say anything, we mean it, because we have many that we could never show on a G rated web site, but use your imagination. MSK

Here are some samples: